Saturday, February 29, 2020

A Case Study on the Mental Health Problems of Ora and Will

A Case Study on the Mental Health Problems of Ora and Will When it comes to the amount of energy invested referring to Ora a lot of her energy is probably drained through her health problems and her family relationships when it comes to her husband. She has been diagnosed as overweight, having anxiety and depression, she has an eye condition she doesn’t know if there is a cure, and she has colitis. All those things can really put stress on you, it can’t be healthy to deal with so much especially when it seems like there is no real way to fix it. It also mentioned the resentment she is feeling towards her husband who always criticizes her calling her lazy and complaining about her housekeeping. When dealing with so many conditions it would be very helpful to have some type of support and she isn’t getting that from her husband. Now the little bit of energy that is being returned is the fact that she has food stamps and Medicaid to help when it comes to your basic needs and although it is probably not a lot it is still som ething. When it comes to the amount of energy invested referring to Will his health is probably the most draining. He is labeled â€Å"borderline retarded† and â€Å"borderline schizophrenic†. When it comes to having a learning disability, it can’t be easy because you are constantly judged and treated differently. You are often disrespected and not taken seriously because of it so that would be very stressful for anyone. Also, to have a mental disorder like schizophrenia makes things worse because people see you as a monster and want nothing to do with you or they pity you and treat you as if you are incapable of doing anything for yourself which I bet is annoying. Now the bit of energy that is returned is probably from his job. He’s a night watchman and before that he had other jobs, all paying about minimum wage but it is a steady income and that must be a little bit of relief to at least get the house food. As well as he’s good at cleaning and fixing thi ng so he will have the car fixed soon and that will make it easier to get to work. I feel this can be used as a tool to help first get everyone in the family proper tests and exams to see if they have these mental issues or if it honestly was discrimination. If so then the proper resources could be provided to help the children when it comes to school and the adults can go through programs that help you adjust to every day life. I think counseling should be an option just for them to voice out all their stress and have a sense of relief even if only temporary. Another thing to consider is if there are any resources that can be used to fix their utilities, cooking on a couple of hot plates can’t be healthy or that sanitary. If they could cook food properly I feel that would make a big difference, it wouldn’t fix anything but it would be a start.

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