Thursday, November 21, 2019

How Meaning of Words Change Throughout the Generations Research Paper

How Meaning of Words Change Throughout the Generations - Research Paper Example That indicates that it is common for an individual from outside a circle to get lost when engaging in a discussion from members who belong to the same circles. However, some slang words usage remains almost the same with only acquiring growth in terms of usage across various cultures and group settings. The usage of the words may at times become seasonal where almost every group uses the word at a certain period and then the word gets replaced by another more appealing word. Some slangs may, however, maintain the same meaning while compared with the dictionary meaning although changes may result over time. The paper examines the usage and meaning of the word cool according to the researcher’s perspective and how the circle that the researcher belongs to uses the word in expressing opinions or reactions. As a student, my circle comprises of students in a few groupings from the academic platform and the extra-curricular platform. As a student, interactions are common with group members and other classmates as most of the day time hours are spent together with other students. On the other hand, as a footballer for the school team, interactions with other team members are evident during training and game time. The word cool as used in the two group settings is often used in the two group settings mostly to signify something good. The difference between the meaning of the word is portrayed while examining the result that I attributed to the word cool by these two groups. Consider for example a situation where upon submitting a group representation in the class, our study group scored eighty percent, although the performance was the fifth while compared to the other groups. From citing the performance as cool, the group leader and the group members signified that although the performance was not excellent, it was good.

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